Thursday, March 23, 2017

Deche-Charge/Noise Brutalizer tapes are out!

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4-way tape Fitcage, Forest Hum, Set It Raw, Tsygun is out now!

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But you can check the whole split HERE!

Agathocles ‎– Bulldozing Bucharest (Grindfather Productions)

Yeah, yeah and fuck yeah! Agathocles released one more record, he-he) And today I will tell you how the Belgian mincecore veterans fought against vampires in the gloomy mountains of Romania, ahah!) The Bulldozing Bucharest cassette features a live recording of the Saturday evening of 2010. Damn, this setlist is impressive ... 33 songs of an unchanging, rude and evil mincecore. And now I want to concentrate a little more on the record itself. It's a bit noisy and raw, but at the same time, it sounds very respectable. But here the sound engineer slightly went too far with the guitar (as it seems to me), guitar sound strongly pushed forward and its overlaps the bass guitar. Despite all these moments, I cheerfully shook my head under these sloppy rhythms. This tape perfectly brightened up my evening. Roaring Jan and his loud guitar, the bumpy Bram's bass and the continuous Nils' drum beats have become a good company to me!). And finally, check out how this cassette is made out. The designer used a lot of red color (vampire theme after all, heh). And frankly I genuinely laughed to this funny cover-art (in sense of its funny idea), that's about to squash a vampire priest or a monk (it's hard to figure it out) by a huge mincecore-bulldozer… Generally, without a help of any crosses, but only with the help of beer and fearful songs about the shit that surrounds us, the trio Agathocles defeated the fanged monsters :) 

Rating: 7,5/10     Agathocles 

You can order this tape at Grindfather prod!

Split Dead Chretiens / Disleksick is out now!

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Split Deflowered Cunt / Extreme Smoke 57 is out!

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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Some good news from Thoracopagus Rec!

Attention labels!

The Violent Gorge got some unreleased tracks and they want to release them in LP format. All songs are ready they`re only looking for some labels. So if you can help with releasing of this raw and smally grind, then write to:

VHS - Screaming Mad Gore (Splatter Zombie Records)

Homies, do you remember the age of VHS? This analog atmosphere and specific image? No? But what about those three canadian friends, they are fallen in deep love with those beautiful times they even named their band after this format. The theme of old school horror movies is continued in the cover art too, very good idea, old good zombie crawling from the hills made of cassetes (also look at the cassetes, look at the films listed on it). I won't say this is a unique idea but it suits to the band's image.

The noise of wind, creaks of old doors and other spooky sounds... I can't imagine a better intro The further we go, the more interesting it becomes... I don't know how to describe VHS in a proper way, there is a lot of different we got an old rotten death metal, a little bit of grind, and just heavy metal guitar riffs (so you can bang your hair, ahahaha). And all this disgusting and insane mix is flavoured with endless horror thems. Disgusting slime just drops from these guitar riffs, these hoarse vocals, I have an impression that this is the ghoul growls when he dig another grave, ahaha. Screaming Mad Gore went to be very complicated and different, sometimes funny, sometimes dark and atmospheric, and sometimes just crushing like pneumatic press (which used for recycling old cars).

Rating: 8/10   VHS fb    VHS bc 

You can buys this CD at Splatter Zombie rec!

New Gate shirts!

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Haemophagus bundle!

You can order this stuff at Selfmadegod rec! 

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Many news from Reeking Cross!

New shit coming in the next few weeks:

Mental Abortion/Reeking Cross split 7" (Breathing Problem Productions)
Industrial Holocaust/Reeking Cross split tape (SAORS & Septik Brain)
Other releases coming in 2017:
Landfill/Reeking Cross split 7"
Suppression/Reeking Cross split tape
Madre Coca/Unpeace/Ataque Demencial/Reeking Cross 4-way split tape

Gowl/Reeking Cross split tape

Final Exit – Seasons Are Going And Going.... And Lives Goes On (SPHC)

A great band, gorgeous album... At first "Seasons Are Going And Going.... And Lives Goes On" was released in 2008 (in CD format). But vinyl pervert Dan McGregor decided to re-release this noisy thing on his own label SPHC rec. And so this album got a skin in the gatefold form, and all songs perfectly fit on one side of this LP (so we got single side vinyl). The sound was remastered and sent to the factory. Funny facts: all songs got the names of all calendar months also design contains a beautiful picture of all 4 seasons (I especially like those golden trees in autumn lights). After listening to this album I can say the next: it's unbelievable crazy and strange album, haha!) All songs are different, some of them are harsh and cold, chaotic and mad like "January" for example. Also there are a songs with melodic, lovely romantic guitar moments like "March" or "April", and in "May" we can hear light and nice punk rock (what surprises and confuses, haha). But most of all I want to highlight the "June", the banter on Iron Maiden song just warmed up my soul . And in moments like these (different melodic, sunny fun stuff) Final Exit put their brand sick and evil noisecore. It's pretty pity that this LP is so short... 

Rating: 8.5/10    Final Exit fb

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News from No Bread records!

Monday, March 20, 2017

News from Mesrine camp!

You can make a pre-order at PRC Mucsic!

Grindfather prod prepare for you something very rad!

Nyctophobic – War Criminal Views (Fat Ass records)

You probably all have already noticed how vinyl format gradually regains its former place. It has turned into a kind of plague (in a good way), a lot of young fans buy vinyl more and more, and people just get acquainted with analog sound again. In the light of these events labels began to republish quite a lot number of significant albums and also explicit shit was edited in abound, ahah). But about good old Germans Nyctophobic for some reason no one has remembered. And only now their debut album came out on this remarkable format. What can I say, this edition looks really impressive, I would even say - monstrously (the theme of the Vietnamese war is fully disclosed here). Separately, the presence of different color variantions of this LP is worthy of attention, as well as a nice bonus for me was a poster inside of it. Perhaps many of us will say that this gang is not full of diversities, speed, etc., but personally I like it. I can not say that the War Criminal Views album can be listened every day, but this work can rightly be considered as one of the powerful bricks in the foundation of the German grindcore history. Medium rhythms, raw sound and unstoppable German obstinacy. This album is like a big ram that hits time after time in a big and strong gate. I wouldn't lie if I mention that there is a complete accordance between the lyrics, the visual range and the music itself - everything is thoroughly filled with the spirit of the good old grindcore. 

Rating: 7,5/10     Nyctophobic fb   Nyctophobic bc

You can order this LP HERE!

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Out now! Agents Of Abhorrence - Earth.Water.Sun! Out now!

For orders write to Analog Freaks Records!

Human Atrocity - Era of Destruction!

Axis Of Despair - Time And Again / Mankind Crawls

Axis Of Despair is a brand new name in the history of Swedish grindcore. Just look at the list of associated projects of the members of this AOD: Overtorture, Volturyon, Livet som insats, Nervgift, Infanticide, Nasum, Coldworker, Proteststorm. Impressive, isn't it?) But don't make quick judgment that we'll hear just another clone of Nasum or Infanticide. There is something familiar with all those bands for sure but they are far from being clones. So the material for these two EPs was recorded on a few recording sessions in the legendary Soundlab Studios in Örebro. But it so happened that Time And Again was issued much earlier than Mankind Crawls, as always it was due to banal delays. Both recordings are pieces of one whole thing so it doesn't make any sense to talk about them separately. Now let's take a closer look at the musical part of this monster thing. Just from the first accords we hear the patented Swedish grindcore sound (everything Swedish sounds special so its easy to recognize). The piercing sound just makes other bands suffer from envy. All songs sound truly furious, its felt like the guys inserted a part of their souls into the recording. All musicians keep the level high but separately I want to pay attention to the hellish blastbeats of Anders Jakobson… doesn't matter for how long I listen to his drumming, I'm always excited of the speed (sometimes you think that such drummers sell their souls in exchange for sick drumming). In short, if you like Swedish grindcore and haven't listened to Axis Of Despair yet, than fix this as soon as possible!)

Rating: 8.5/10    Axis of Despair bc   Axis of Despair fb

You can order this vinyls at Spela Snabbare Records!

News from Podrido camp!

You can order this EP directly from Podrido!