Saturday, September 23, 2017

split Tools of the Trade / The Bollocks is out!

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split Depraved / Scum Human is almost ready!

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Haggus and Heinous on tour!

Massgrav - Stockholm Rockers

Finally our Swedish rock warriors took a break in the systematic absorption of beer! They have gone to the recording studio and recorded 24 lovely ballads. Officially this album will be out in the end of October, but we were lucky to listen to it before that date. Honestly I must say, I had to make some minor preparations (before I start listen and write.I bought six-pack of beer and some smokes,haha! First bottle is opened! Well, first of all I feel that I should write something about this strange cover picture. It's strange because previously guys used real art. Just look at this closely… This band photo reminds me old rock days when all band had the same cover. Just band photo and logo (super minimalism isn’t it?)I guess the boys tried to make their own variant of Abba, the Who or Beatles covers, haha. Okay I just opened my 2nd bottle and... Fast, fun, dynamic here are just a few words that I believe can describe this band and this album. Also I catch some noticeable changes in this rock n roll mess. The 3rd bottle. First of all Massgrav started to use more Crust Punk pieces in their crazy alco grind/fastcore. Also I find great rock n roll moments too (especially in the feel of the guitar riffs and solos). But apart from these moments it`s our old and mad Massgrav. This album is charged with a ton of frenzied energy and fun ferocity. And of course I need to notice that all instruments sound pretty clean and loud. 4th one, bottle is almost empty! "Stockholm Rockers" is swarming with great guitar sound and riffs, which are simple but catchy. Johan, did good work! Fifth bottle, haha! Olas yelling is so loud and insane, haha! Also his fast fingers skillfully managed the bass guitar (I really love that crisp and clanking sound of thick strings). And of course I couldn’t avoid to write a few words about Fenok's drums. That guys is a pretty talented man, he really feels the whole game. His simple rock beats and brutal blast beats fit perfectly! Well my last bottle is almost done… What more can I say? This album cheered me up and brings a drunk smile on my face.
Rating: 8/10 Massgrav fb Official site

Friday, September 22, 2017

New release from Blame God!

You can listen and buy this tape HERE!

Here is a first look at Chepang`s album!

This album will be released thru  Nerve Altar and Holy Goat Records! You can check one fresh track HERE!

Tapes wave from Grindfather production!

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908 are going to Japan!

Happivaje - S/T

My friend introduced me to Happivaje, saying they are a great piece of raw Crust. I remember only that I really liked their dirty EP back in the day. And then I just simply forgot about these Finnish punk bastards. Until now, when I found this tape inside my mail box. As this band is pretty unknown I feel that I should shed light on them. Happivaje consists of 4 units, they are based in Joensuu, and yes these punks are all native Finns. This 9 song, self-titled record is their debut (and it is a very good one). All this noise is wrapped in a classic (I guess I can say that) grindcore cover. This collage looks pretty dreadful; all these elements (theme of tracking, blind children, “big brother is watching you”) create nice dark atmosphere. This tape starts with a very classic intro (as for crust punk of course), few short riffs, good punk solo and then an endless wall of raw energy. I do enjoy the crunchy downtuned bass and distorted rhythm guitar. Both of these instruments sound very filthy on this recording and it suits the Crust Punk atmosphere well. Drums sound a little bit sloppy but I really love that (that brings more points to the whole sound). The vocalist did a great job too, he is spitting out lyrics with such anger and this also effects the whole atmosphere. Almost all the songs consist of straight-up speed attacks, sometimes it seems that I hear pure grind (like in an Aivopesty song). Well now I really don't know what more I can add... Just try to listen to this EP on your own folks, I`m pretty sure that you will like it. Rating: 7.5/10 Happivaje fb Happivaje bc

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Zombies Eat My Neighbours - S/T (Surrogate rec)

This band has already existed more than 10 years… But unfortunately they've remained almost unknown outside of Ukraine. For these years this band has suffered a lot, like any other band they've had a lot of line-up changes and trouble with labels. But finally, this year small diy label Surrogate Recordsmreleased both of their albums on one tape. This tape looks very simple, as I know these guys tried to make it look like a pirate tape (bootleg cassette), well they managed to do that (i`m pretty sure that cover art is stolen from the internet, hahaha. So, boys and girls, let's take a closer look at the result of 4 years of work…

First is the “Nameless” album. We are expecting 11 songs and about 20 minutes of interesting experimental stuff. The main feature of “ZEMN” is that fact that these guys don’t stop on any genre. These boys are mixing everything with everything. First of all I must admit good quality sound (okay it`s not a grind sound but it sounds good). This album is full of catchy rhythms, dense guitar sound with pretty metal taste, but sounds heavy (sometimes it reminds me of the sound of different Polish grind/death metal bands). The lyrics side is full of social themes…dirty society, money, lost generation, shitty system,etc. But the weakest is the drum parts. Cut and paste style noticeably spoils the impression. Also there is a number of unnecessary samples, vocal effects and backing vocals. I can’t say that this album has grind base, rather it`s some hardcore+thrash with little grind. But anyway this album has some interesting songs, so it is worth listening to at least once.

Okay, now is the last album (for the moment of course) – “Alive”. Everything starts with a “Doom” song. I guess, with this song, guys tried to create a dark atmosphere in the beginning of the album, but this venture has failed. The guitar sound ruined it with its midi tone (and that is fucking sad). But, the next few songs show to us that not everything is lost. Dirty and raw sound masked guitar and everything starts to sound pretty good. One more thing this album is the most Grind stuff these boys have recorded. There are a good number of blast beats, heavy bass shots and crazy screaming. I can say with confidence that this material is much better (with material but not with sound) than their previous stuff.
Rating: 7/10 Zombies Eat My Neighbours bc

Weedeous Mincer ‎– Brain Devoured By Mincegore

Oh boy, the Mincegore plague poisoned Russia so quickly… Here is another new name for me, “Weedeous Mincer”. Hm, very stupid name but anyway lets dig into this record. For cover our weedeaters used a photo which depicts a Russian cop who`s breaking the law, hahah (I must admit this is a very funny and stupid picture) Also this squad consists of only two (stoned) members and this band is based in Saint Petersburg… Okay, now let’s dig into these strange noises These tunes were recorded by Farsh and Kisel (Cystoblastosis/ Camphora Monobromata etc.) in cold 2016… All 9 songs are not serious at all they are full of stupid fun and good swing rhythms. Despite the fact that all the songs are built on a pair of riffs, this simplicity is pretty nice and sometimes this raw shit can be catchy. Kisel is yelling about weed, alcohol, different morons and other unusual stuff (which surrounds us). I really like how raw and heavy the guitar sound is. Stupid kinds of singing (especially in song “Can't Live Without Weed”) makes this noise really better. But before you will put this tape into your deck, remember this recording was made just for fun. Rating: 7.5/10 Weedeous Mincer bc

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Monday, September 18, 2017

New album from Vomitoma is out!

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Important news!

Ladies and gentlemen. After 4 long years of hard work,dedication,blood,sweat and tears being poured into this blog. And after countless reviews,interviews and press packs. Good Guys Go Grind is so very excited to announce to the world that we are going Physical! Yes that is absolutely right, Good Guys Go Grind will be a printed magazine in the very near future! Featuring close to a dozen interviews,loads of reviews and a look inside some of the most active undergound labels in the industry. So keep your eyes and ears here as more news is sure to come!
-Cheers from the Good Guys Go Grind Family 

Goood news from Sublime Cadaveric Decomposition!

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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Massive update at Grindfather prod!

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Attention Melbourne freaks!

Malignant Tumour / Squash Bowels (Fat Ass records)

Be careful kids because today we will open an old bag full of pale and ugly maggots. And this year it turns (no fucking way!) 20 years old! So I carefully put the reissue of the MT/SB split, on my turntable. And I must admit that this white color (the color of hospital a ward) is damn good. The whole new design is badass, I mean that all the visuals are reborn in new high quality skin. Front art with a pathological theme reminds me something from Carcass works. This dirty autopsy table, sharp scalpel and the hand of a dead woman… Man, all of this looks so old and nice.
When the MT side started to play I felt some kind of nostalgia. Because these songs are from long ago, when MT played dirty goregrind. The guys opened their side with a cover of Dead Infection (strange choice for the first song, but anyway it sounds good). These songs are full of nasty and noisy sound of guitar and moldy bass (this stuff is especially good for Agathocles covers). And that dull sound of drums… Fuck yes! This old atmosphere can strangle you with it`s crazy heaviness. Also I can't avoid talkimg about those low pitch shifted vocals (it`s so yum-yum). I`m pretty sure that everything I listed above will make you want to vomit, ahhaha!
Squash Bowels is so heavy, oh boy… But this intro, it surprised me a lot (when I heard this split the first time), guys used sound from the Jurassic Park scene (that part where T-Rex is trying to get the children from the shitty car), surprising funny start. But, actually they do sound like one huge ugly and massive dinosaur haha. Polish butchers really know how to get big bloody noise pieces from their instruments. And it`s very sad that they are split up. Personally I like this side a little bit more than the MT side. SB managed to record something fast, heavy, low and disgusting. Between slimy grind riffs you may find many hints of death metal (good old death metal) I guess this is what makes this material sound so dense. Of course a lot of distorted roars and screams make this record even more ugly!
Rating: 8/10 Malignant Tumour Squash Bowels

You can order this LP thru Fat Ass records!